Tony has over 25 years’ experience in the accounting world and as a Certified Practising Accountant [CPA]!

15 of those years in the commerce sector where he nurtured multimillion-dollar companies, acted as their tax specialist, and worked on elaborate forecasting models. With this experience behind him he can help you nurture your business too!

Advisory packages may include weekly or fortnightly one-on-one meetings where you will be mentored to read and interpret your financial records. This will help you see where you need to tighten up or what you need to be aware of so as to keep your business healthy or get you back on track.

"During the recent COVID-19 period we're proud to say all our clients managed to weather the storm. Some even prospered because they availed themselves of advisory."

Advisory comes standard on all our retainer packages! Why? At Savvy Profit we feel strongly about equipping our clients with up-to-date data on their business performance.

All end of period adjustments are made each quarter so our clients get an accurate picture of their business performance throughout the year! Quarterly BAS lodgements include financial reports such as a Profit and Loss Statement [P&L] and Balance Sheet.

Additional Advisory: Savvy Strategy Sessions

For those very savvy clients who want to grow fast and strong we have additional strategic advisory services.

We want the business owners we work with to know exactly where their business is at any time, to feel confident and to empower them to make great decisions that future proof their business.

We encourage our clients who are interested in increasing their profit to book regular ‘Savvy Strategy Sessions’. These sessions allow time for Tony to prepare in depth personalised health checks and share those insights one on one and in language the client understands.  

This may also be an included service at a reduced price in your retainer packages.

Business Structure Advice

If you have the right structure in place, it can save you potentially thousands of dollars!

Deciding which of many complex business structures to choose from is strategic.

Should you be set up as a Sole trader? Partnership? Trust? Or Company? Or maybe a combination would be more beneficial?

It’s always best to get this foundation right first but it’s never too late to ensure your business structure is the right vehicle to drive you to profit. 

We at Savvy Profit have made this process simpler by offering a 60-minute audit. These consults are an opportunity to get to know you and your unique situation in life now and your future goals so that the best structure can be put in place to benefit from tax savings and asset protection.