About us

Who are Savvy Profit?

We have a passion for giving personalised service and a keen interest in mentoring others to keep their business lives simple. 

Even though we love all things accounting, we appreciate that there is more to life, so our aim is to make time for our clients so that they can go out and do the more important things in their business and their personal lives.

We are geographically based in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, and love to support businesses in our local community and the greater Brisbane area. Being a cloud-based business we continue to support businesses throughout Australia in areas such as Perth, Sydney and Queensland. 

We specialise in servicing professional clients.

Who are Savvy Profit?

Our Story ... told by Tony

I grew up in the Gong (Wollongong NSW) and after completing my accounting degree in 1995, I started my career as a CPA in the commercial sector.

I worked for multi-million-dollar companies such as Kembla Coal and Coke Pty Ltd where I held senior roles in accounting and taxation. I also worked for the IMB Bank designing analytical management reporting systems. I also was head of a project team that developed a new retail banking software system that was rolled out to 70 branches state wide.

In 1999 I took the leap and dropped down to part-time with the IMB bank. Why?

On paper it looked like ‘I made it’ – in-house finance specialist and part of large-scale projects.

But I knew, I wanted more than that. Not in terms of status, title, or seniority but in terms of freedom, more time to volunteer … 

In the early 2000’s Candace moved from Cairns (where she was after moving from PNG) to Wollongong, we met and were married …

We were both already doing volunteer work and working part-time for a few years we left family and friends to move to Perth WA.

It was there that I started realising 3 of my reoccurring skills were in simplifying and streamlining accounting procedures to save time, money, and a whole lot of stress. These strengths fall into 3 definable areas:

1. Re-STRUCTURE[ing] and streamlining accounting processes so they were more efficient and productive.
2. Creating repeatable and secure control SYSTEMS were in place to ensure assets were not only protected but also growing.
3. Developing and interpreting key STAT’S [KPI’s] to business directors.

It was in 2012 that we decided to venture out on our own and I soon qualified as a CPA public practitioner.

“TNC Solutions” (our previous business name) was born!

In the late 2010’s we moved to Brisbane (via Mackay) and adopted a fur baby – Miss Whiskey.

In 2022 we re-branded and became Savvy Profit Advisory!

We continue to work with professional business owners where Candace and I can give responsive, kind, and proactive service. We use those 3 fundamental strengths and skills I honed in commerce [1. Structure 2. Systems 3. Stat’s] to help our clients businesses grow


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Tony outside of work...

About Tony the muso

The "Muso"

Tony plays 2 instruments, the drums and piano. He has been in a band since he was a teenager and loves gigging when ever he can.

The "Barista"

Being Italian, there are two things that are required for a good life. The perfect espresso and a good wine!

About Tony the barista
About Tony the volunteer

The "Volunteer"

Since 1999 Tony has chosen to spend around 20 hours each week teaching individuals privately and also in public conventions [his largest audience was 10 thousand].

Candace in her own words...

My only formal training after years of retail management is as a bookkeeper. 

For the past ten years I have been in the role of practice manager. I like to think my super power is proactiveness but I also have had an eye for organising and great communication skills! 

I feel I am the bridge between the client and the accountant and will often find a way to simplify accounting jargon into everyday language. I’ve learnt that everyone and every business has a “story”. It’s my job to listen until I understand it. That way we can work on a solution together.

My real passion though is people [a contradiction as an introvert]! Humans fascinate me and I love learning about them, with them and teaching those willing to learn.

About Candace the volunteer

The "Volunteer"

Candace has spent over 26 years volunteering part-time in the community. “The joy of watching someone “get” something you’ve shared in teaching them is ahhhmazing.”

The "Gardener"

Planting and watching things grow, observing nature and playing with Whiskey – “Delicious!”

About Candace the gardener
About Candace "the entertainer"

The "Entertainer"

“With Indian heritage and marrying into an Italian family my love for cooking and hospitality grows every day.”

The CEO [Cheeky Encouragement Oodle] ... Miss Whiskey

About the CEO Miss Whiskey

Miss Whiskey is a 3 year old sixth generation Spoodle [or Cockapoo]. What type of mix is she? A Poodle cross with an English Cocker Spaniel. 

Her ideal day is to make mischief, provide cuddle breaks for the team at Savvy Profit headquarters and spend as much time with her multiple balls. Throwing, chasing, throwing and chasing.